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"After The Wave"
"Afternoon Ti"
"Dawn Over Lahaina"
"Fire On The Water"
"First Light At Ko`ele"
"First Light On The Palawai"
"Five Island Sunrise"
"Full Moon Over Pu`upehe"
"Hulopo`e Halau"
"Hulopo`e Sunset"
"Huna Kai"
"Into The Mystic"
"Kaumalapau Sunset"
"Ko`ele Banyan"
"Ko`ele Treeline"
"Lana`i Hale Treeline"
"Lanai City From Pu`ulealea"
"Mahina Kulua O Lana`i"
"Maui Before Sunrise"
"Mauna Kui, Lana`i"
"Moonrise Over Pu`upehe"
"Nai`a Pa`a"
"Poho`ula Skywave"
"Shark's Bay, Lana`i"
"Sunrise At Shark's Bay"
"Under The Coconut Palm"
"Waterfalls At Manele, October 17, 2002"
"What A Blast!"
Akulikuli (Ice Plant)
Blue Ginger
Blue Lotus
Bougainvillea #49
Bougainvillea #92
Bromiliad #24
Bromiliad #92
Century Plant?
Christmas Cosmos And Bee
Double Hibiscus
Golden Stars
Heaven Scent Gardenia
Hibiscus #54
Huapala #12
Huapala #73
Kauna`oa, The Flower Of Lana`i
Ko`oloa `ula
Lana`i Loulu #07
Lana`i Loulu #11
Lana`i Loulu #34
Lana`i Loulu #38
Lana`i Loulu #52
Lana`i Loulu #55
Lana`i Loulu #87
Lantana #31
Lantana #92
Ma`o Hau Hele
Mendenilla Magnifica
Naupaka Kahakai
Pink Hibiscus
Pink Lotus
Pink Plumeria
Poppin' Pineapple
Pua Kala #20
Pua Kalaunu
Pua Kenikeni
Purple Ti
Spider Lily
Stargazer Lily
Sunflower #48
Sunflower #59
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Everyone on Lana`i knows "the bridge", seen here after the passage of a huge wave Backlit in the strong summer afternoon sun this tiny new Ti leaf emerges West Maui, Haleakala in a lei of clouds, and the Au`au channel seen from the Mahana area of Lana`i A quiet winter sunset over the tidepools at Hulopo`e First light of the morning on the horse pasture at Ko`ele Just as the very first morning sun reached this location I was able to capture the feel of the First Light on the Palawai Maui and Molokini on the left, Kaho`olawe and Mauna Kea on the right highlight a spectacular sunrise from Lana`i Pu`upehe is one of the best known landmarks on Lana`i A near-infrared view of the symbolic canoe house on Hulopo`e Beach Last sun of the day on the sands of Hulopo`e A peaceful sunset moment at Hulopo`e. Early morning mist at Ko`ele Coconut palms at Kaumalapau Harbor This magnificent Banyan is above the pagoda behind the Lodge at Ko`ele Late afternoon shadows at Ko`ele The Cook Island Pines on Lana`i Hale, with Moloka`i across the channel If you look closely you can see a hint of our little village sheltered by the Cook Pines Every moon has a name of it's own in the Hawaiian language One of my favorite fish at Hulopo`e Maui from the Mahana area of Lana`i at the earliest hint of dawn on a rare cloudless morning A near-infrared view of a landscape found nowhere else on earth An eight second time exposure of Pu`upehe and Shark's Bay by the light of the moon Two dolphin couples out for a morning stroll. Video at  <a href=""></a> While diving I first watched waves from below... for a few seconds this morning the sky above Poho`ula reminded me of that experience The sparkling light of the sea in late morning highlights Pu`upehe A beautiful hidden cove near the Four Seasons Resort at Manele While fishing with a visiting friend I looked up and saw this incredible sunrise light Sleep all day, rock all night This natural coconut palm is near the church at Keamuku After a 14 inch rain in 2002 these rare waterfalls appeared for a few hours It took six mornings but finally I was able to capture the effect I previsualized This tiny plant grows in clumps and clings to the rocks near the ocean. These flowers thrive on Lana`i and can be used to make striking pink lei In Hawaii, this flower is commonly known as "Boy Flower" A well-known cafe in Lana`i City is named after this unique blossom This beautiful Lotus can be seen in the Koi pond at the Four Seasons Resort Lana`i at Manele These flowers are so small they are often overlooked. Although not often noticed, Bougainvillea does have tiny delicate flowers in the center of the brightly colored leaves These Bromiliads can be seen around the Lodge at Ko'ele This one is behind the Lodge at Ko'ele, near the Bamboo Forest I noticed this lovely plant on the way to the clubhouse at Manele Each year during the Christmas season this flower brightens a valley near Lana`i City My home on Lana`i is blessed with this rare flower and the "King Kamehameha" butterflies that feed on it’s nectar A close-up of the fragrant flower of Eucaluptus Robusto just before it opens The Fibanacci pattern is vislble in the center of this Sunflower On top of the mountain, Lana`ihale, this fern grows An unusual and wonderfully fragrant gardenia There is a hedge of these near Coffee Works on Lana`i In the warm sun of late afternoon Huapala soaks up rays There is a block long hedge of this flower in Lana`i City A favorite house plant, Jade also has a beautiful  tiny flower Kauna`oa is known as the flower of Lana`i.  The bright vines are woven into colorful lei The rare Red Ilima, still found in it's natural environment on Lana`i Prized for the unique beauty of the wood, Koa also has very beautiful flowers and leaves A beautiful delicate native Hawaiian found on Lana`i I first noticed the subtle beauty of this tree coming alive in 2002, on a magical evening at sunset The silvery undersides of the Loulu create incredible colors when enhanced by the colors in the sunset sky Because the Lana`i Loulu is endangered, these are most precious seeds on Lana`i Interplay of shadows before sunset Another short lived and totally unique light under the silvery fronds of the Lana`i Loulu The interplay of lines and colors at sunset never fails to surprise me I only witnessed this exquisite light once,  for a short moment just before sunset The clusters of tiny Lantana flowers appear as a single ball of color from a distance Lantana has many different colors This Passion Flower is climbing over my Mango trees I found this one at my friends home... A very rare native Hawaiian Hibiscus found on Lana`i There is a beautiful example of this flower near the gift shop at the Lodge at Ko`ele A very spicy flower Naupaka Kahakai is a native shrub that is found near the ocean Noni has been used for strength and healing for a thousand years Late afternoon sun highlights this delicate flower This amazing Lotus can be seen above the Four Seasons Lodge at Ko`ele Early morning sun highlights a soft and beautiful Plumeria A treasured native Hawaiian, still found in the wild on Lana`i This small Pineapple is prized for it's beautiful coloration Pua Kala is a delicate endemic Hawaiian flower found on Lana'i Crown Flower, a favorite of Queen Lili`uokalani A wonderfully fragrant lei.  It you have ever worn one, you will remember this flower forever... They only bloom a couple weeks a year, but they are so delicate and beautiful... A favorite of Local Girls, it looks lovely over the ear An exquisite Lily Zeroing in... Bullseye!  
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